Rolling Stone Biography of Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stone biography of Bob Dylan is here

The biography is originally from

The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Simon & Schuster, 2001)


Biography of Bob Dylan

I will get this book thru interlibrary loan


Yesterday I had changed my theme, so today I will  introduce about new theme on this post.


I am interested in lyric of some songs from my favorite musicians. Their names are Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and Wilco (This is rock band, not person’s name). Their music are really cool, but I don’t know their lyrics well because they always using English. So I want to research about their songs’ lyric deeply (or some of their songs’ lyrics). Especially, now I am interested in Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie because I feel that their styles are very strange and interesting. Perhaps I will introduce each of musicians and their songs little by little.

Record Club

Record Club is famous American singer, Beck’s project. It’s concept  is “to cover  historic music album’s all songs”. It is not album, so you can see all of official music clips on Youtube. This clip is “Velvet Underground and Nico”‘s series. Beck and his session musicians were playing “Velvet Underground and Nico”‘s all songs. So you can see not famous songs in this album, for example “There She Goes Again”, “European Son” and so on. And of course you can see “Sunday Morning” and “I’m Waiting For My Man”, too. Now, this project’s songs are not sold in the world. So I think this project’s style is very unique.

Later… with Jools Hollands

The TV show called “Later… with Jools Hollands” was born in 1992 in England. Jools Holland is this TV’s host and he also play music like other musicians. Also, he is musician. So He has many albums and own discography. He is very famous in England like Tamori, Japanese music program’s host, in Japan.


This clip is Jacob Dylan’s show in  “Later… with Jools Hollands”. He is one of my favorite singer. He is well known by Wallflower’s singer. I like his song and voice. And I like his father’s songs too.

about music TV shows

“later… with Jools Holland” is British TV program. This TV show’s host is Jools Holland. He and his show are very famous in England. There are many music shows in the world. In Japan, many Japanese know the music TV program that’s name is “Music Station”. In Japan, there are some music TV programs. For example, “Music Station”, “Hey Hey Hey”, “Bokurano Ongaku (Our Music)” and so on. Today I will post “later… with Jools Holland”‘s clips and Japanese music programs on Youtube.


Today there are many popular music in the world, so I will survey about music (especially English music) in this class. However, I haven’t decided this theme clearly yet, so I will clarify a goal as soon as possible.