Why did I choose the topic about Bob Dylan?

By the way, do you know anything about Bob Dylan? I think he is very famous, so at least I think you must know only his name, or his famous songs, like “Like a Rolling Stone”. “Like a Rolling Stone” is a good number in his discography, however, the reason why I choose this topic is that I was impressed by his other CD, called “Good as I Been to You”. This was released in 1992, so as his long music career, “Good as I Been to You” was released after he had passed his peak. But I think this is really good album in his music career. In America, there are many old traditional songs. In this album, Bob Dylan covered some of those with only acoustic instruments (only guitar, harmonica, and his voice). Of course all of songs in this album are so simple because all songs are American traditional numbers, but they are so powerful.

I like music very much. And now I am interested in some of English songs’ lyrics. So I am going to research about Bob Dylan, and others my favorite artists’ songs’ lyrics in this class. Now I am not able to understand his songs’ lyric well because I can’t understand English perfectly. But I will try to understand music perfectly.


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