Yesterday I had changed my theme, so today I will  introduce about new theme on this post.


I am interested in lyric of some songs from my favorite musicians. Their names are Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and Wilco (This is rock band, not person’s name). Their music are really cool, but I don’t know their lyrics well because they always using English. So I want to research about their songs’ lyric deeply (or some of their songs’ lyrics). Especially, now I am interested in Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie because I feel that their styles are very strange and interesting. Perhaps I will introduce each of musicians and their songs little by little.


About koshiro1969
Hello, what's up? I'm a college student in Kumamoto.

One Response to Introduction

  1. sakityusu says:

    That’s sound good! Your theme is interesting for me.

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