about music TV shows

“later… with Jools Holland” is British TV program. This TV show’s host is Jools Holland. He and his show are very famous in England. There are many music shows in the world. In Japan, many Japanese know the music TV program that’s name is “Music Station”. In Japan, there are some music TV programs. For example, “Music Station”, “Hey Hey Hey”, “Bokurano Ongaku (Our Music)” and so on. Today I will post “later… with Jools Holland”‘s clips and Japanese music programs on Youtube.


About koshiro1969
Hello, what's up? I'm a college student in Kumamoto.

2 Responses to about music TV shows

  1. kosappi says:

    hi, koshiro! how’s goin?
    Kaera Kimura is the most cute singer ever.
    so I created my new blog. I try to write in English.

  2. tomeiter says:

    Good start Koshiro. YOu might want to write a post giving a biography of Jools Holland.

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